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Forgetting Bradley Manning

Do show, do tell, and, oh yeah, don't get caught

Lies and what not, or "secrecy," as a young Rupert Murdoch got quoted in an op-ed on Julian Assange on December 7 in an Australian newspaper, would always lose from the truth. Yeah, right on, Mister Murdoch! Yet truth comes with a price, a rather dear one more often then not, and most of the pricetag, for now, is being paid for by the 22-year-old military analyst Manning. He, coming from within the military, could and should have known the penalty would be severe. Being brave or desperate, being both even, he had it coming (bummer). Playing with matches, especially very big matches as these diplomatic cables, could end in catastrophe. Being sloppy as the US government has been, on the other hand, was something like leaving open the vault for the good, the bad and the greedy. Manning has been naive, dumb, brave and, well, rather young for toying with all this mess. Great material, great insights, on how the US of A tries to ride all sorts of waves. And, as the US of A surpassed Cngland after WWII, pretty soon some other empire will take a whack at that.

Wouter Krijbolder

The Netherlands

Dec 17 2010 - 6:19am