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The DLC Is Dead

Goodnight, DLC

Have a good sleep and may you never wake. The DLC, a k a Republican Light helped establish the the one-party system in the United States. Big business—especially the the big banks—is the only viable political party. But the ultrawealthy have provided their subjects with many ways to voice concerns. For instance, you can join the Citibank wing of the Goldman Sacks Party or choose be even as radical as the AIG wing of the Bank of America Party. We could even have independent leanings and support Monsanto, Cargil and Lockeed-Martin. Thanks, DLC.

Esteban Rescate


Feb 9 2011 - 1:24pm

The DLC Is Dead

The DLC triumphed

Ari Berman's claim that the Democratic leadership Council is dead falls flat, given that the current Democratic president embodies the DLC program of pro–Big-Business “free trade,” attacks on labor unions, continued deregulation, dismantling of the New Deal (including Social Secuity), obsession with deficits and “national security.” President Obama's ongoing insults and attack on progressives and the left (who in large measure elected him) is the latest Clintonian/DLC co-option of the Democratic Party's base, as a corporate oligarchy gains more and more wealth/power at the expense of the vast majority of people. Corporations now have two political parties working on their behalf and We the People have none-—thanks to the DLC, which has only had a name change with “Third Way.”

Lydia Howell

Minneapolis, MN

Feb 9 2011 - 8:28am

The DLC Is Dead

Good riddance

OK, the DLC is gone. Great news. The DLC was/is the corporate wing on the Democratic Party. However, the corporate wing lives! The Clintons, Obama,Schumer and on and on. The play good cop to the Republicans bad cop. All in all, we still have one party of the rich in this country—it has two branches: Dems, Repubs. Want democracy? Do what the folks in Cairo are doing—take to the street.

Howard Kaplan

Boston, MA

Feb 8 2011 - 7:09pm

The DLC is Dead

It's about time!

One way that I thought of the DLC was to see the organization, stripped down to its right-centrist demographic imperative, as a Captain Ahab in relentless pursuit of the Great White Male. In the face of an increasingly feminized and darker Democratic Party, how else would much of the traditional and aspiring white male leadership of the party assert itself? There are many other ways to see the DLC, of course. It has provided intellectual rationalization and political manpower to weaken the safety net, done its part to weaken financial regulation prior to the recent collapse and, of course, supplied Democratic cover for imperial wars and militarism in perpetuity. Its demise doesn't come soon enough. Otherwise, we would probably would have been privy to arguments about why privatizing Social Security might not be a bad idea, and that Democrats wouldn't do it as meanly as the Republicans.

Ed Nakawatase

Philadelphia, PA

Feb 8 2011 - 6:53pm