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Peter Rothberg

Peter Rothberg

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Margaret Thatcher vs. British Musicians

Among many other accomplishments, Margaret Thatcher, Great Britain's first and still only female Prime Minister who died today at age 87, inspired a generation of songwriters to devote their talents to assailing her reign. Here are a few of my favorites.

Top Ten Songs About Margaret Thatcher

1. The English Beat, Stand Down Margaret

2. Morrissey, Margaret on the Guillotine

3. Elvis Costello, Tramp the Dirt Down

4. The Specials, Maggie's Farm

5. Matt Johnson, The-The Heartland

6. Sinéad O'Connor, Black Boys On Mopeds

7. Billy Bragg, Between the Wars

8. Billy Bragg, Thatcherites

9. The Specials, Ghost Town

10. Pete Wylie, The Day that Margaret Thatcher Dies

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