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Greg Mitchell

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Was the Widely Hailed 'Farmer' Super Bowl Ad a Rip-Off?

That Dodge commercial from Chrysler for the Super Bowl, much heralded last night, is actually a kind of re-make, complete with famed radio news host Paul Harvey, of a popular YouTube video, which had over a million views.

Chrysler did assign a team of top photogs to take pictures and is aiding Future Farmers of America.  See their background at Ram site and how they are offering aid. Visit the Farms.com site. Here is commercial followed by the “original.”


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Sort of a different subject for wonky Ezra Klein at The Washington Post, as he admits some guilt in watching Super Bowl in wake of all the revelations about deaths and injuries caused by brutal and/or repeated hits.  And he dissects this ad, which is meant to make us feel good about the game:

Also on the Super Bowl ads beat, some viewers saw an impressive (and expensive) gun control ad.

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