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Jon Wiener

Jon Wiener

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Life After Election Day

No more “legitimate rape”
No more dog on the car roof
No more 47 percent “who are dependent upon government”
No more “something that God intended to happen”
No more Etch-a-Sketch
No more “Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs”
No more Jeep jobs to China
No more “Corporations are people, my friend”
No more “I like being able to fire people”
No more ten thousand-dollar bets
No more “binders full of women.”
And also
No more “Say that a little louder, Candy”
No more “Heck, he even hired Hillary!”
No more horses and bayonets
No more “Please proceed, Governor.”
No more Gallup, no more Ipsos, no more Rasmussen
No more undecideds
No more Mitt Romney.

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