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Peter Rothberg

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Top Ten Death Penalty Songs (In Tribute to Troy Davis)

In tribute to Troy Davis, scheduled for execution tomorrow by the state of Georgia, here’s my stab at a list of the top ten songs ever written in opposition to capital punishment. (On the remote chance you don’t know about Davis’s tragic case, read my friend Dave Zirin’s recent post or my own recent call to support clemency.) As always, use the comments field below to let me know all the songs I missed. But please, first call Chatham County District Attorney Larry Chisolm at 912-652-7308 and implore him to withdraw Davis’s death warrant before checking out any of the videos.


Top Ten Death Penalty Songs

Johnny Cash, 25 Minutes to Go

Steve Earle, Ellis Unit One

Odetta, Gallows Pole

Tupac, 16 on Death Row

Pearl Jam, Dead Man

10,000 Maniacs, I'm Not the Man

Blind Lemon Jefferson, Electric Chair Blues

Fairport Convention, Poor Will & the Jolly Hangman

Judy Collins, Tim Evans


Phil Ochs, Iron lady

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