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Peter Rothberg

Peter Rothberg

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Time to End the War in Afghanistan

We won't likely hear too much about Afghanistan from President Obama during the SOTU. But don't forget that we're currently fighting the longest war in US history with no real prospect of victory.

With violence in the country still worsening a year after the military push into Marjah--the start of what some call "Obama's War"--it seems clear military solutions won't work. Brave New Foundation's documentary series, Rethink Afghanistan, has offered strong reasons for ending the war: There's the likelihood that military action can't succeed, the fears that the war is de-stabilizing a nuclear Pakistan, the staggering financial costs of the conflict, the civilian casualties and the questionable assumption that a US military victory would liberate women.

The latest video eschews the experts and asks a range of people to explain why they think it's time to end the war. The result is compelling -- and you can still participate in the project.

End the war. Become a peacemaker.

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