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BLOGGING THE WIKILEAKS—Monday, Day 9, Return Here Often for Updates

Once again, we will be updating news and views on the latest WikiLeak release, as we've done for over week now  to much acclaim.  You can also follow me at Twitter for even quicker news breaks.  Items added at top with ET stamp.

11:40  NYT updates legal moves against Assange and his threat to "automatically" release rrest of cables and more if he is busted. 

11:30  NYT blog wraps up threats to Assange's son, lawyer's response and the son's blogging. 

5:00  Regrets, I am signing off for the night, heading for a Nation invent in NYC.  See you late tonight and tomorrow.

4:55 The Guardian:  Assange expected in court tomorrow -- appeals to supporters to help make bond.

4:50 NYT with its daily late-afternoon Wiki report, today going from the Baltic and Russia to difficulty in halting arms flow in Middle East.

4:00  NYT in final paragraph here clearly lays out sex charges against Assange as involving  condom mis-use. 

3:50  While some in media still wrongly accuse WikiLeaks of 1) released 250,000 docs and 2 ) not redacting them, here is site charging they are redacting too much.  

3:15  The Guardian just confirmed with Wiki lawyer that Assange will soon talk to police.  Although the lawyer is only quoted saying they are "negotiating," so wonder how firm that is....A different lawyer adds that they will, in any case, fight extradition to Sweden.

3:10  Bill McKibben (who is getting big Puffin Prize tonight at The Nation Institute bash) said on Democracy Now! that cables show that U.S. "bullying and buying" countries at the Copenhagen climate conference worse than understood.

2:55  Great story yet to be written (should be a book some day) on the NYT and Guardian working together with each other and with Assange.  Remember, he did NOT leak the cables to the Times -- the paper got them from The Guardian.  Or should we say, is getting them?  Is Guardian passing them along almost day by day?   The two papers, in any case cover almost the same general ground every day and at virtually the same time, though with far different tone and details.  Do they have a kind of embargo with WikiLeaks, or just  a deal between the two of them?  And so on.  The Guardian's blog has been much faster and more active, in any case.

Also:  the two papers are redacting the cables themselves and the WikiLeaks site is seemingly only posting the 1000 or less they have gone over so far.  The other quarter million have not surfaced online yet.

2:45  NBC's Peter Alexander just tweeted:  "Assange's lawyer tells NBC News time & place being negotiated for mtg w/ Assange. Unclear if he'll be arrested." 

2:35  Clay Shirky posts that he is deeply "conflicted" about WIkiLeaks.  But adds: When a government can’t get what it wants by working within the law, the right answer is not to work outside the law. The right answer is to accept that it can’t get what it wants. The United States is — or should be — subject to the rule of law, which makes the extra-judicial pursuit of Wikileaks especially nauseating."

2:10  Latest column from Glenn Greenwald brings together most of the hits: "The lawless Wild West attacks WikiLeaks."

1:50  Ace blogger Digby probes point I made today and earlier in "Getting The Story Straight On Wikileaks" -- that is, the amazing "collaboration" with news outlets.  Eric Umanksy of ProPublica tweets:  "I'm (honestly) confused: What has Wikileaks done that's any different than what the NYT has done?"

1:35  Mike Calderone:  top news orgs like AP and NBC say they will  no longer refer to WIkiLeaks as "whistleblower" group.

1:30  Former Bushite, Matthew Dowd, says he is overwhelmed by response to his column largely backing WikiLeaks -- hit by GOPers, linked by liberals. 

1:25  Evgeny Morozov tweets:  "May I suggest a headline for The Onion? 'Swiss banks to Assange: You are not Nazi enough.'"

1:10   Reuters: Eric Holder personally involved in hunt for new laws to go after WikiLeaks, as old ones may not work..

12:20  ABC:  U.S. sailor sold 51 docs on Afghan intelligence for $2000 -- to undercover FBI agent. 

12:10  As we  noted right from the start:  that first day NYT bombshell, based on one cable, claiming that N. Korea had shipped Iran 19 missiles, was deeply flawed, later questioned by Wash Post, and then the Times itself a couple of days ago.  Yet public editor Arthur Brisbane now says, no biggie, that first story was just a first step -- even though it drove media coverage and pundit talk for days.   FAIR's Peter Hart has been on it since the start, now with this.

11:45  Assange leads voting for TIME's person of the year, though Lady Gaga within striking distance. 

11:40  You remember that uproar last week over Columbia U advising its international policy students to refrain from visiting Wiki sites etc.  Now the dean has emailed a softening, here via The Guardian. 

11:15  Swiss apparently freeze Julian Assange Defense Fund funds, call him "high profile" individual (no kidding). 

11:00 We linked to this defense of WikiLeaks days ago but it is proving to be the most popular piece at The Atlantic, still, so here it is again.

10:45  Democracy Now! today interviewed Bolivia's ambassador to UN on those Wiki cables showing how the U.S. targeted countries last year — including Bolivia — as part of its effort to oppose meaningful climate change agreements during last year's Copenhagen climate change summit.

10:10  Interpol issues WANTED poster for Assange -- with outdated photo and hair color (and length), of course! 

10:00  The Guardian cites journo James Bell making point I've hammered at from beginning -- the news outlets have been posting the cables much more than WikiLeaks has, and fully collaborating, but governments and private companies NOT directing their censorship or legal actions at them.  I'm not pushing for that at all but it's surprising that no court actions,  a la versus Pentagon Papers, even hinted at. 

9:55 NYT blog  The Lede directs us to just-translated piece by author Umberto Eco saying that WikiLeaks evens the balance--citizens can now spy on governments which are spying on them. "One last observation: In days of yore, the press would try to figure out what was hatching sub rosa inside the embassies. Nowadays, it’s the embassies that are asking the press for the inside story."

9:35 The Guardian just posted video of Mike Huckabee speaking at dinner for Jewish group last night in which he repeated his call for Wikileaker to be prosecuted to "full extent of the law," which paper interprets as call for execution.

9:25  Interestingly, Guardian investigations chief David Leigh reveals in a tweet that his paper declined to publish the "terror list" below, while noting that the Murdoch-owned Times in London did. "Murdoch is helping terrorists?" he tweaked.

9:20  German mag Der Spiegel out with its 2nd issue on its access to cables.  A lot on Iraq.  One headline:  "US Diplomats Bewildered and Bamboozled in Baghdad."  Say its based on their reading of 5500 cables.  This raises key point: WikiLeaks itself has still posted less than 900 cables -- due to relying on heavy redacting by its news org partners.  But the same partners do have the complete 250,000 cables.  So they, not WikiLeaks,  are the ones breaking news and quoting from -- even if not posting -- all  the cables. 

8:50   WikiLeaks releases long list of potential U.S. targets around the world in "war on terrror," all the way to China.  Much controversy in UK as this broke, some claiming it was worst move yet by group.  

8:40  Complaint filed in Canada over that professor's call for assassination of Assange (he has since rescinded).   What about that Wash Times columnist with "Assassinate Assange" column? 


Latest from Sunday:

They are Spartacus:  The number of WikiLeaks mirror sites now up to 355....  WikiLeak tweets:  "Sarah Palin says Julian should be hunted down like Osama bin Laden--so he should be safe for at least a decade."  Still, surprised that Palin, on Sarah Palin's Alaska, did not shoot Assange from a helicopter last night..

Assange ups ante -- now says OBAMA  (as well as Hillary) must resign if ordered spying at UN. Julian, don't hold your breath in that bunker. ....  AP: Supporters claim Assange may seek asylum in Switzerland.....New John Bolton piece at The Guardian on WikiLeaks naturally attacks Obama above all. ....Alex Baldwin at Huff PostYeah, "throttle" Julian Assange -- but only if also put Cheney on trial for the Valerie Plame leaking.... More from Assange lawyers at BBC, on assassination and fighting Swedish charges.

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