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Zoe Carpenter

Zoë Carpenter

Zoë Carpenter is a reporter in The Nation's Washington, DC bureau. She has written for Rolling Stone, Guernica and the Poughkeepsie Journal. An Oregon native, Zoë studied writing and environmental politics at Vassar College. 


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The petrochemical industry is devastating the state, but no candidates dare take it on.

Indiscriminate stops and mobile fingerprinting in the Big Easy represent a frightening new frontier in immigration enforcement.

These days everyone wants to ‘create opportunity,’ but few want a class war.

Decades of government subsidy have cost taxpayers, wrecked the environment and could burn even more carbon than the Keystone pipeline project.

A damning new report by the Committee to Protect Journalists raises alarm about the press under Obama.

Congress is moving to end the showdown, but will hard-liners slow everything down?

Without the youth vote, Obama woud have lost Florida, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania—and the election.

Obama will carry the youth vote, but turnout is key, especially among young Latino voters in swing states.


The Court went to surprising lengths to affirm the idea that technological change demands a reconsideration of legal precedent—an...
In Louisiana, women’s health could prove a meaningful point of divergence between the Democratic incumbent and her Republican...
New documents raise questions about the soldier's mental health. 
The real tragedy of an alleged bribery scandal in Virginia is that hundreds of thousands will be denied health insurance.
Seventy-eight men who have been cleared for release remain in interminable detention. 
A new initiative aims to put wages at the heart of the inequality debate.
Not all energy interests are apoplectic about the EPA’s plan to limit carbon emissions from existing power plants. 
A bill to block renewable energy standards is the product of an aggressive campaign by conservative groups to undermine laws that encourage...