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Sherle R. Schwenninger

Sherle R. Schwenninger is director of the Economic Growth Program at the New America Foundation and a senior fellow at the World Policy Institute.


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Instead of addressing the real problems, Obama and Romney are focusing on deficit reduction. 

The crisis was caused by weak governance, excessive speculation and lax regulation. Austerity will only make the disease worse.

The economic crisis was caused by world trade imbalances just as much as domestic problems.

New Deal progressives believed the economy should exist to serve society, not the other way around.

As America became mired in Iraq, the rest of the world moved on. Yet neither political party seems ready to face the fundamental economic, environmental and geopolitical changes.

The US must make full employment and ample demand the
guiding principles of its international economic policy.

As envisioned by the Administration, it's unilateralism with a multilateral face.

In the more trying period ahead, a modest internationalism would fare best.