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Sarah Laskow

Sarah Laskow is a freelance writer living in New York City. She writes the Media Consortium's Weekly Mulch environmental blog. As a staff writer at the Center for Public Integrity, she covered money and politics, coal mining, and homeland security. Her work has appeared in Politico, The American Prospect, and other publications.


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After the failures of 2009's conference in Copenhagen, a very different set of expectations are building in the climate movement for this year's summit.

Mopping up BP's current crisis and guarding against future environmental incidents will take more momentum than a speech, a meeting or a few hearings can deliver.

Oil is washing up on the Louisiana shore, a predictable result of the growing environmental hazards that come with new techniques for extracting oil and other energy sources.

Two environmental disasters flared up this week: oil from a sunken rig is reaching land, and Senator Lindsey Graham has backed off from his bipartisan climate bill.

Good news from the administration on auto emissions and mountaintop removal mining; bad news on offshore drilling.