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Sara Jerving

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Sara Jerving is a 2011 Nation intern.


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Decades of corruption have left Liberians suspicious of their government.


Students in this West African nation are supporting their teacher's demands that the government increase their wage and reduce the class...
Students at Dickinson College refused to leave their campus administrative offices until the officials met their demands to change the...
The United States Student Association is organizing nationwide resistence to a House vote to cut the Pell Grant and TRIO programs.
What has become clear to the protesters over the last week is that, beyond an assault on unions, Walker’s bill is part of a wider...
“While students haven’t been the source of this protest, they have definitely been the soul of this protest.”
A proposed bill to end collective bargaining for nearly all public employees has mobilized the state's students to protect teacher's unions.
College health care plans were initially excluded from the national health care over-haul but now will be held to the same standards as...
The bipartisan ONE organization announced a nation-wide campus activism competition to mobilize students against extreme poverty and...