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Robert S. Eshelman

Robert S. Eshelman is an independent journalist. His articles have appeared in Abu Dhabi's the National, In These Times and on TomDispatch.com.


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The mayor's budget plan would close libraries. The people say, Think again.

Knocking on doors for Obama, a native son discovers how things have changed.

As leaders of the G-8 Summit played power politics at an opulent resort, protesters displayed a people's power, in demonstrations and at an alternative summit.


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Beginning today, protests in the streets of Copenhagen will add another dynamic to the COP15 drama.
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Amidst a scandal over a leaked Danish negotiating text, pressure is growing on E.
As the first day of COP15 winds to a close, alternative summit provides a place for movement building.
Obama Administration is poised to provide an Exxon-led consortium with a $3 billion loan while remain uncommitted to financing climate...