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Once he has swallowed the disappointment of discovering that Lolita in the movie is pushing hard on the age of consent, the libidinous critic must decide what if anything he can salvage from the

The memoir of Nathan Leopold, one of the twentieth century's most notorious murderers.

The only film ever made that could be said to have cost the United States government billions--in a missile defense system that only Hollywood could make work.

If one Paramount exec had his way, Don Corleone would have been played by Danny Thomas. Fortunately, Francis Coppola had no interest in turning Mario Puzo's novel into Make Room For Goddaddy.

Barbara Kopple spent thirteen months living and breathing the dust of a brutal coal strike. Out of it came this groundbreaking documentary.

If you stay at the Overlook Hotel, best avoid Room 237.

Jimmy Stewart suffers from high anxiety in what some consider to be Alfred Hitchcock's greatest film.

Selecting Bergman's greatest masterpiece is like trying to pick the best pistachio nut in a bowl. Although this tale of a doctor looking back on his life is as good a choice as any.

John Hinckley ignored Robert DeNiro and became obsessed with Jodie Foster, eventually attempting to kill President Reagan to impress her.

Dustin Hoffman chooses Mrs. Robinson over plastics. Who wouldn't?