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Richard Goldstein writes about the connections between pop culture, politics and sexuality.


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What are we laughing at when we laugh at Borat?

Philip Roth and Joan Didion have each written compellingly about death,
but their insights about dying and mourning signify a retreat from the
world rather than an embrace of the forces by which we all live and die.

As a satellite radio DJ, Bob Dylan is reaching a new generation of fans, who admire his music but, unlike earlier admirers, do not see him as a prophet.

With spring come glimmerings of new social attitudes: The popularity of
V for Vendetta proves films with a social conscience resonate;
Kanye West's challenge to rap homophobia shows gangsta style is not the
only option.

From Brokeback Mountain's closeted cowboys to King Kong's
embrace of Anne Darrow, Hollywood has queered cherished icons of
masculinity. But the two films paint a bleak picture: Love that falls
outside the norm must struggle to be something more than

Is Commander-in-Chief softening up the country for President
Hillary? Americans may not not be ready to put a woman in the White
House, but they may have calmed down enough to contemplate the
pleasures of female power.

Recent movies including War of the Worlds and Land of the Dead reflect today's political landscape.

The progressive and regressive politics of Star Wars.

No flaying below the belt: That's the guiding principle behind the kinder, gentler version of Mel Gibson's biblical blood fest, which has hit the cineplex in time for the Easter season.