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Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich

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Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich

At age 31, Dennis Kucinch was elected mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, making him the youngest-ever elected leader of a major American city. Since 1997, he has represented Ohio's 10th District in Congress, and he is currently the co-chair of the House Progressive Caucus. He ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004.


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We suffer not only from the loss of innocent life on 9/11, but because the attacks became the rationale for an unjust war. It's time to face the truth.

Instead of using diplomacy to defuse nuclear tensions with Iran, the Bush Administration is seeking to bypass Congress and lay the groundwork for an attack.

As the House of Representatives voted to allow oil drilling in the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich decried
the back-door methods and contemplated the impact on the
indigenous Gwich'in people.

Democrats can draw no clearer distinction with the President than over the Iraq war.

It seems clear that one of the keys to public health is establishing public patents.

I was born into the House of Labor. My father was a Teamster who drove a truck for thirty-five years. He died with his first retirement check in his pocket, uncashed.