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Peter Davis

Peter Davis is an author and filmmaker who received an Academy Award
for his Vietnam War documentary Hearts and Minds. His most recent book is If You Came This Way: A Journey
Through the Lives of the Underclass (John Wiley). He has reported for The Nation from Nicaragua, Vietnam, Iraq
and the Czech Republic.


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El Salvador today is an Exhibit A casualty of the American imperium.

Closeness, even friendship, with our former enemies.

Only on my last day in this hilly, river-spliced city, with such
beguiling old world charm and art nouveau elegance that unless you're
Kafka a strenuous effort is required to maintain fury or g

An imperial errand is not so hard to begin, not so easy to complete.

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Peter Davis is on assignment in Iraq for The Nation.

If Americans have done their best to forget the war, so have the

In this country, where a US military attack echoes more loudly perhaps
than anywhere else in the world, protesters against the war are
expressing themselves from Hanoi in the north to central V