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Nathalie Baptiste

Nathalie Baptiste (@nhbaptiste) is a Haitian-American contributor to Foreign Policy In Focus who lives in the Washington, DC, area. She holds a BA and MA in international studies and writes about Latin America and the Caribbean.


The country's late dictator leaves behind a 1-million-strong diaspora unlikely to ever return home.
Though it scarcely makes headlines, the Central African Republic’s vicious civil war has created a sickening humanitarian crisis.
It’s already wreaking havoc on the region’s vital fishing, tourism and agriculture industries.
For years now, evangelical activists from the United States have been speaking out against homosexuality and cheering on antigay...
The president of a country with no external threats, a history of military repression and an abundance of more pressing problems is...
The migration of highly skilled workers can pay dividends for immigrants and their employers, but it produces losers as well.