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Natasha Wimmer

Natasha Wimmer is the translator of Roberto Bolano's The Savage Detectives, 2666 and, most recently, Between Parentheses: Essays, Articles, and Speeches (1998–2003).


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In Mañana Forever? Jorge Castañeda chronicles the growth of the middle class to argue that Mexico is not a failed state.

The Latin Boom writers failed to appreciate the work of fellow novelist Manuel Puig, who wrote about housewives and homosexuals.

The Black Minutes, a nuanced neo-noir, conveys how narco-violence has leached the Mexican justice system of meaning.

Horacio Castellanos Moya has turned anxiety into an art form and put El Salvador on the literary map.

Mercè Rodoreda's fiction plumbs a sadness borne of helplessness, an almost voluptuous vulnerability.

Set in the glossiest of sanctuaries, Rex is a complicated and dazzling indictment of contemporary fiction.

In António Lobo Antunes's new novel, a lost boy despairs of finding a real family in the wasteland of his past.