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Nan Hunter

Nan D. Hunter

Nan D. Hunter is a Professor of Law at Georgetown University and a Distinguished Scholar at the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Policy.


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The man in the middle raised concerns about overturning millennia of tradition, but he also emphasized the dignity legal marriage confers to same-sex couples.

A win for LGBT advocates would be historic, but uncertainty over religious exemptions and the status of domestic partnerships and civil unions remains.

Gay rights advocates were hoping that the Court would issue a broad ruling, but the justices seem most concerned with issues of standing.


In the past few days, the Supreme Court has both affirmed and threatened equality in the US.
Hollingsworth v. Perry has a chance of being dismissed without a ruling, leaving a better case to serve as the vehicle for the court's...
If so, there will be a definitive ruling on the constitutionality of the federal law barring recognition of same-sex marriages that are...
By the end, several Justices appeared skeptical at best over whether their decision should reach the merits.
Hollingsworth v. Perry is the first gay marriage case ever argued before the Court. What’s it going to take for advocates of...
Amicus briefs from business leaders and prominent Republicans make the conservative case for marriage equality nationwide. Will the Court...
According to defenders of DOMA and Prop 8, the purpose of marriage is to entice wayward heterosexuals into committed family life.