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Michelle Ciarrocca

Michelle Ciarrocca is the senior research associate of the arms-trade project at the New School University's World Policy Institute.


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On issues of war and peace, progressives should take heart from the fact that no matter how aggressive the Bush Administration's intentions may be, its ability to carry them out is likely to be s

The US may have won the war, but US companies are in danger of losing the peace.

Just as his father did, George W. Bush is offering generous packages of
aid and arms to nations that join his drive for war against Iraq.

The war with Iraq is part of a larger plan for global military

Expanding the US global military presence is costly to taxpayers but
highly profitable for private military contractors.

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Peace Action (www.peace-action.org), the largest grassroots peace group in the United States, has made stopping NMD and reducing nuclear weapons its top