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Joshua Clover

Joshua Clover (@bookofriot) is a professor at the University of California, Davis, where he writes about poetry and economic crisis.


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Bounties on the mutineers demonstrate the limits of transparency.

The cameras no longer look at us because we’re famous; we’re famous because they look at us to death.

Profligate, prolific, towering over the landscape: Is Taylor Swift China?

Krugman affirms the way things are, no matter how often he choruses the word "change."

At UC Davis and other institutions, student-led protests against austerity are met with thuggish riot cops and the criminalization of speech. 

Out of the Vinyl Deeps catalogs Ellen Willis’s pop years.

Modern capital is in crisis, and neoliberalism, which redistributes wealth upward, keeps the zombie shambling forward, hungry and blindly grasping.

The one thing that a thousand books written from within the financial crisis won't contemplate is the possibility of an unhappy ending for capitalism.

Life in America is once more approaching John Ashbery, from one drifty moment to the next.