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Jeff Madrick

Jeff Madrick is Senior Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute. He is also editor of Challenge magazine and a senior fellow at the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School. His latest book, The Case for Big Government, received a Pen Award for general nonfiction.


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As the 2012 elections approach, renewed faith will be critical to combating Republicans’ slash-and-burn rhetoric.

Addressing wage stagnation should be the country's top priority.

Big profits on Wall Street, and the big bonuses they fund, are not justified by the marketplace.

Two new studies indicate that Wall Street's profits and bonuses are vastly disproportionate to the value the industry adds to the economy.

If we stimulate the economy and maintain high rates of growth, higher wages will create the savings required for investment.

Faith-based claims about the dangers of big government do not stand up to the evidence.

The political mainstream is beholden to sclerotic economic policies that serve only a fraction of the public's interests.

Is education widening the class divide?

A winning economic strategy for Democrats: Push for realistic policies to relieve workers' frustrations, rebuild their damaged confidence and improve lifetime security.

One of the great disappointments of recent decades is that Democrats
have more or less swallowed whole the underlying economic theories of
their Republican rivals.