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Jeff Faux

Jeff Faux is the founder and now Distinguished Fellow at the Economic Policy Institute. His latest book is The Servant Economy.


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Mexico's troubles illustrate the destructive effects of NAFTA's neoliberal economics.

Wall Street's pervasive influence on Obama's change agenda props up banks, while the real economy continues to suffer.

The blowback of housing deflation on our overleveraged financial markets has seriously constricted the flow of credit--the lifeblood of the world's largest debtor economy.

As megabanks seek a subprime bailout, take a lesson from Mexico. Taxpayers of the world, hold on to your wallets.

Taming global capitalism is the overriding challenge of our time. Joseph E. Stiglitz, Thea Lee, James K. Galbraith and others offer their ideas on how the United States can transform global capitalism by creating a new social contract.

American business elites in Davos for the World Economic Forum are
far more interested in global markets and corporate investors than they
are in ordinary Americans' needs.

Three years ago the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) lost its
seventy-one-year grip on Mexico's presidency.