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Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips's short stories have appeared, most recently, in Los Angeles Noir (Akashic) and in Full House (G.P. Putnam's Sons). He is a member of PEN and past national board member of the Mystery Writers of America.


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This Week: It's all bang, bang, bang, baby!

This Week: Congresswoman Kang takes a powder, her chief of staff Chet Kimbrough is on the mend and two plotting lovers get vamped on.

This Week: Congresswoman Kang takes a cruise, gets some strategic advice from Ho Chi Minh and finds that this is but a pause before the big showdown.

This Week: Congresswoman Kang is ill at ease as she contemplates the fate of her chief of staff and prepares to go to the source of part of her woes: secretive, manipulative billionaire Mace Gilmore.

This Week: Chet Kimbrough, Congresswoman's Kang's chief of staff, is bound and gagged, and it isn't because he belongs to an S&M club. There is no safe word for him.

This Week: As the Supreme Court rules pistols are trustworthy and convenient, Kang knows her AWOL chief of staff isn't at the beach.

This Week: Kang sips a martini and contemplates just what it is that billionaires do in their spare time.

This Week: Congresswoman Kang has a revealing chat in the park, while Chet Kimbrough goes missing... again.

This Week: Chief of staff Chet Kimbrough and Congresswoman Kang consider how to make people do what you want--in the name of the people, of course.

This Week: Everybody wants something, while Congresswoman Kang learns just what it takes to play in the adult sandbox .