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Sidney Zion celebrates the courage and independence of the late Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

Jesse James may have been a robber and a thief, but at least he was a member in good standing of his church.

You want a good sex scandal? This one from the nineteenth century had it all--and more.

Should America join the League of Nations? The Harvard professor says the slogan "Join the League" offers too simple a solution for a complex question.

That Silent Cal's political success was largely the product of GOP mythmaking was hardly a secret, but in the Roaring
Twenties hardly anyone cared.

Who were the brave young men who, against their country's orders, volunteered to fight fascism in Spain?

Our greatest female aviator disappears off the map somewhere in the South Pacific. Had she been familiar with Morse Code, she might have survived when her plane went down.

A Tennessee student denied a valid high school diploma fights back.