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In a matter of hours, Mary Jo Kopechne lost her life and Ted Kennedy the presidency.

"The Commodore's acts have touched the public,
more or less nearly, in a spot which is tender."

His accomplishments will unfortunately be overshadowed by his fatal mistakes in Vietnam.

An interview with the Communist Party's leading Trotskyist.

He may have said a sucker is born every minute, but the great showman defends his museum as the real deal in a letter to the editor.

A brief report on the execution of four anarchists for the Haymarket bombing of 1884.

When protester Jack Weinberg told a reporter, "Don't trust anyone over 30," the '60s youth movement was born.

With its blacklist, Hollywood has created a real monster, and it does more damage than the havoc wreaked by King Kong and Godzilla combined.

With the nomination of Louis D. Brandeis, the Supreme Court gets its first Jewish justice.

The man who spread the gospel of the assembly line launches
a new crusade--for peace in Europe.