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Charles Glass

Charles Glass (www.charlesglass.net) was ABC News Chief Middle East Correspondent from 1983 to 1993 and covered the 1991 and 2003 American wars against Iraq for ABC. He is the author, most recently, of Americans in Paris: Life and Death Under Nazi Occupation (Penguin Press).


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On the American publication of Stéphane Hessel’s Indignez-vous!

A poignant memoir about life in the occupied territories during the second intifada.

A biography of Gertrude Bell investigates the woman who created Iraq out of the ruins of the Ottoman Empire.

Four works trace the intertwined history of Lebanon and Syria and the
interplay of political radicalism, military strength and miseries of
war and murderous political intrigue.

I have witnessed what Bernard Lewis, and later Samuel Huntington, designated the "clash of civilizations" between Christendom and Islam up close in at least two wars.

It was the best of wars. It was the worst of wars. But did the war in
Iraq change anyone's mind?

Charles Glass covered the Kurdish rebellion in northern Iraq for ABC News in 1991.

The first thing they do is cover your eyes. They make you strip to make sure you're not carrying anything. They replace your clothes with uniforms that are not clothes at all.