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Benjamin Dangl

Ben Dangl is the editor of Toward Freedom, the founder and editor of upsidedownworld.org and the author of Dancing With Dynamite: Social Movements and States in Latin America.


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The first female president of Brazil will likely build on her predecessor's legacy.

Following an overwhelming re-election victory, President Evo Morales intends to "accelerate the process of change."

Barack Obama encounters Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez for the first time at the Summit of the Americas, and the future of US-Latin America relations takes a new turn.

The region's social movements are a useful model for US leftists wanting to influence Obama.

As West Coast dockworkers stopped work at twenty-nine ports on May Day, students in Vermont took antiwar protests to the offices of a General Dynamics plant.

More than a year into President Evo Morales's first term, Bolivia remains in a labyrinth, somewhere between reform, revolution and national crisis.

The US "war on terror" now extends to an unlikely frontier in Paraguay,
where farmers are caught in the crossfire and human rights groups are
skeptical of the threat posed by Islamic terrorists.