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Ann Jones

Ann Jones is a journalist and author whose works include Kabul in Winter (2006) and War Is Not Over When It’s Over (2010), both from Metropolitan Books. Her latest book is called They Were Soldiers: How the Wounded Return From America's Wars—The Untold Story. She lives in Norway.


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Women belong at the center of the debate over the Afghan war, not on the margins.

Whatever the debate in Washington, Congressional and military scenarios for training a vast Afghan Army will never come true.

The upcoming election promises to be a farce, marred by backroom deals and voter fraud. Meanwhile, the United States continues to militarize Afghanistan at an alarming rate.

The new film The Fixer, featuring The Nation's Christian Parenti, captures some edgy, fearful truths about the war in Afghanistan.

Hardship and haunting memories mark the lives of the 2 million Iraqis in exile.

Rape destroyed the social fabric of Congo. Women are trying to repair it.

A policy of "affirmative discrimination" helped put twenty women in
the Afghan Parliament, but how can they confront the warlords and
criminals who hold most of the power?


Washington, DC

The strange story of the Herati shelter girls shows the limits of "liberation."