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Allison Kilkenny

Allison Kilkenny

Allison Kilkenny is the co-host of the progressive political podcast Citizen Radio (wearecitizenradio.com) and independent journalist who blogs at allisonkilkenny.com. Her work has appeared in The American Prospect, the LA Times, In These Times, Truthout and the award-winning grassroots NYC newspaper the Indypendent.


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The fast-growing protest group believes that instead of asking citizens to sacrifice, government should demand that corporations pay their taxes.

In its first national day of action, US Uncut rallies outside of Bank of America branches demanding that big banks pay their fair share of taxes.


Occupy protesters from around the country converged on Philadelphia for the National Gathering.
Citizens across the country continue to battle budget cuts, in ways large and small.
Protesters for equality are met with violent represssion.
Thousands of doctors strike in the UK over changes to their pensions. Are they greedy, or does society have skewed priorities?
Thousands of activists in Mexico continue to protest the G20 while certain US media pundits blather away about trivialities. 
Occupy Our Homes has saved another family from foreclosure, continuing the group’s recent string of successes.
Occupy Wall Streeters arrested on December 17 at a Trinity Church–owned lot and Chicago activists facing terrorism-related charges...
Teachers in Louisiana have found themselves on the frontlines of austerity.