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The Obama administration may renew aid to the Indonesian army's notorious special forces--which have been implicated in a recent assassination campaign.

We can blame the Burmese government for the unfolding tragedy in the wake of the cyclone. We can also blame ourselves.

If Timor-Leste's President doesn't survive the assassination attempt, his soul will get a good laugh at outlasting Suharto, who killed a third of his people.

As Americans consider who to choose as their next President, Guatemalan Mayans seek justice for Reagan-era atrocities.

The breaking of the Gaza-Egypt wall is clearly a good thing, and a rare example of the moral--and also wise--use of violence in politics.

A leader who waged war with impunity shouldn't be surprised to someday be called to account for his actions.

Indonesia's dictator is fading fast: But what of his people's memories of the civilians he killed?

While the Indonesian military's thugs continue their rampage in East Timor, most foreign reporters have fled the country.

Allan Nairn was banned from Indonesia and East Timor as a "threat to national security" after he survived the Dili massacre of 1991. Arrested and deported last year and threatened with six years in prison, he recently re-entered Indonesia without the army's permission. This is the first of a series of editorials.