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Agnès Catherine Poirier

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Agnès Catherine Poirier

Agnès Catherine Poirier is a French journalist and writer based in London. Her latest book in English is Touché: A French Woman's Take on the English.


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Socialist François Hollande defeated Sarko in the first-round vote. But the real victor may be National Front leader Marine Le Pen, now primed to play kingmaker.

The new leader of the National Front has risen in the polls by borrowing arguments from the left. But critics worry: has she turned against her father’s bigotry, or merely made it more presentable?

Reeling in the wake of Dominique Strauss-Kahn's arrest on rape charges, the French public has started to ask some soul-searching questions.

The French Parliament has passed President Sarkozy's controversial law raising the retirement age, and nationwide protests against the measure have eased. But the struggle against austerity measures is far from over.