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The Nation's Greg Kaufmann joined Stand Up! With Pete Dominick to argue that there are ways to alleviate poverty in America and that it starts with increasing the minimum wage.

As part of The Nation's mayoral candidate series, Albanese explains why fixing the education system must begin with a commitment to early learning. 

As part of The Nation's mayoral candidate series, de Blasio gives his views on how to tackle economic inequality.

The difference between rich and poor is stunting economic growth, the mayoral candidate says.

What's next for early childhood education? The Nation's Bryce Covert talks with Dana Goldstein and Melissa Lazarín about the policy and politics of universal preschool.

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From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, 2011 will be remembered as a year of youthful mass movements and popular revolts—none of which could have occurred without the surreptitious help of computer hacktivists.

What happened that has led to the conservatives' dominance in the political debate in the country at a time crisis? What happened to the political left?

"Jazz As a Way of Life," "Narragansett," "Ira Will Not Be Attending the Meeting"

It's been forty years since food activism became a global phenomenon, and the social and environmental goals of the movement are more pressing than ever.

Why is one of the leading Republican candidates for president trying to stop the direct election of senators?

The American government is currently employing counterterrorism strategies against Muslim communities here in the United States that were first developed by the military for use abroad.