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Theodore Wafer’s guilty verdict allowed us to breathe easy for a second, but the killing of Michael Brown sucked all the oxygen right back out of the room.

And the only government official who went to jail for it was the whistleblower who exposed it.

Gaza airstrike

The US and Israel passed on chance after chance to avoid the deadly war in Gaza—and prevent the deaths of thousands.

Jobs that demand constant social media interaction create different burdens for men and women.

Chinese labor activist Han Dongfang thinks that democracy begins in the workplace.

Jack O'Dell

The career of Hunter Pitts O’Dell is a crucial episode in the hidden history of American radicalism. 

The president gets support for humanitarian efforts, but wise voices warn of mission creep.

Guatemalan children

Our fickle immigration system leaves many families stuck between violence in their home countries and an aggressive enforcement regime across the border.

Californians fighting domestic violence say there’s a new way to help keep families safe.

A federal judge denies a preliminary injunction against North Carolina’s harsh new voting law. 

The Western consensus of an imperialist Russia is flawed.

Richard Nixon

Forty years after President Richard Nixon resigned, our leaders have become even less accountable.

The president continues a two-decade legacy of wrapping the military option in Iraq in humanitarian packaging.

Black workers at Thurgood Marshall Airport are concentrated in the lowest-paying and lowest-status jobs, earning as little as $8.50 per hour. 

This Week: “Fitting the description,” CIA’s use of dentention and rendition, and bad feminist, Roxane Gay.


We must overcome our chronic failure to offer a clear and unified narrative on Israel’s strategic crisis. 

Becky Hammon will be the first full-time female assistant coach in any major professional men’s sport in the United States.

A malnourished child

A man-made famine in South Sudan is brutal evidence of the limits of American nation-building in Africa.