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And so for Richard Perle was writ
The second graf of his obit:
This soaring bird of hawkish myth
Was grounded when discovered with
His talon in the cookie jar

A Vesuvius of violence has erupted from the dead center of American
life, the executive branch of the government.

Of the more than 700 journalists who have registered with the CentCom
Coalition Media Center here, two have emerged as celebrities.

"We are in a funding emergency today," read the e-mail from the New York
Abortion Access Fund.

CORRECTION: When this column was originally published, a fact-checking error caused the word "owner" to be removed from a reference to the Jewish "owner-editors" of U.S. News & World Report and The New Republic. This may have made it appear as if Alterman was addressing the issue of Jewish "editors" in general with regard to media coverage and Israel, rather than merely the two men he cited.

As the Bush Administration continues its illegal and unjust military
invasion of Iraq, we must steel ourselves for the difficult days that
lie ahead.

David Cortright has laid out many aspects of an agenda to help the US
peace movement move from the immediate work of trying to stop this war,
to continuing to broaden the reach of our movement

The war is just two weeks old, yet the Bush Administration has
accomplished the unprecedented isolation of the United States worldwide,
even from several of its historic allies.

Ifind David Cortright's call useful but limiting. The most exciting
aspect of the antiwar organizing has been its global reach.

There is nothing glorious or gallant about combat.

Bush's motives have more to do with empire and profit than with liberating Iraq.

Led by a former Boeing machinist, Las Vegas exotic dancers are talking union.

David L. Kirp has chronicled the Mount Laurel, New Jersey, history in Almost Home: America's Love-Hate Relationship with Community (Princeton).

A divide exists between Chinese literature and movies written, produced,
read or viewed in the West, and those written and produced in mainlaind

He says he is not a fighter--or rather, the narrator says it; he's "an
onlooker," someone who steps aside, "frail," "not the savior of the
world," not a "prophet," speaking only to himself, liv

OK, let's say that life goes on.

Richard Perle's resignation as chairman of Donald Rumsfeld's
Defense Policy Board on March 27 capped a tumultuous month for the
neoconservative who spent the past decade stoking the fires for t

We, the undersigned, support legislation to prohibit the cloning of human embryos for either medical experimentation or for giving birth to a human being.


Needham, Mass.

At no point in modern American history has the civilian leadership of the
nation's military establishment come under as much criticism from serving
military officers as is the case now regardin

A new website keeping a running tally of civilian deaths in the US war against Iraq is attracting a lot of traffic and attention, and, in the process, is emerging as an authoritative source of information beyond the spin of either the Bush Administration or Saddam Hussein's propaganda ministers.

The Iraq Body Count site is attracting 100,000 visitors a day, many of them journalists, who are increasingly citing the site's reporting in their own accounts. The material is critical given that no goverment, NGO or other organization is currently chronicling this information. As US General Tommy Franks has said: "We don't do body counts."

Launched this past January, IBC is run by 16 researchers, based in the United States and the United Kingdom, who closely analyze reports from a range of both corporate and independent media, including, among many others, the New York Times, Fox News, the BBC, Middle East Online and the Jordan Times.

"My own government," Martin Luther King Jr.

George W. Bush has raised the stakes for Election 2000 by calling for
the privatization of Social Security.