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One year later, how will we come to terms with what happened when Hurricane Katrina washed up the disenfranchised most people, including the President, have tried to forget?


Egypt has been deprived of its greatest living writer, and the world has
lost one of its most humane literary figures.

Three new books on China invite the West to give up simplistic dreams
and nightmares and come to terms with a complex and rapidly evolving
authoritarian state.

Nathaniel Mackey's most recent collection of subtle, intricate poetry
weaves images from Arab and African diasporas with a contemporary sense
of dislocation.

In Tango: The Art History of Love, Robert Thompson traces the dance's
roots in Afro-Argentine history. Tomas Eloy Martínez's The Tango
appropriates its music to explore the recent past.

Two beggars
sharing a meal of the food they've been given

The new moon shines intensely


Four new books explore Korea's cold war hangover and the indelible mark
left by its North-South division.

Democracy demands that journalists tell the truth. The success of liars
like Bob Novak and Ann Coulter is a greater threat to America than a
truck full of terrorists bent on doing us harm.

Here's how Democrats should spin the biggest political question in the
midterm elections.

California's Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger cleanly broke with the White House yesterday by reaching a broad agreement with state Dems to severely cap greenhouse gas emissions.

California sentators voted along party lines 23-14 to approve the toughest global warming legislation in the country. Democrats voted yes. Republicans voted in unison against their own governor.

Schwarzenegger's pact is the third such major alliance he has forged with the Democrats in the past weeks. They have also agreed on a minimum wage rise as well as a deal on prescription drugs.

If it becomes a national model, a new, highly touted health insurance
law in Massachusetts would make American healthcare, already on life
support, take a turn for the worse.

The Human Rights Watch reports that were sharply critical of Israel's killing of
civilians in Lebanon represent the latest battle for Jewish hearts
and minds in the ideological war over the Middle East.

Great tragedies call for visionary leadership. This is the moment for
progressives to summon the guts to forge a compelling message not just
about what's come apart in America, but how to pull us back together.

Thanks to an acquiescent Congress, we are now being governed by an Administration that is radically trying to change the nature of our

He asks citizens "to quiet
down for just one minute" so he could have "a chance to think."

As the generation of power brokers over 40 continues to blow off
global warming, our dependence on a waning supply of oil will create
a miserable future for their children and grandchilden.

Mr Rumsfeld: ARE we safer, more secure today? NO. Look around the world. You can--once again--pull out that tired page from your playbook and try to divert attention from this administration's reckless, go-it-alone, militarist foreign policy... with your ugly and divisive attacks ... exploiting the Iraq war and the tragedy of 9-11 with poisonously partisan and dangerously misleading rhetoric.

BUT, the bottom line – even according to a good number of retired Generals and conservatives: This administration – and particularly Donald Rumsfeld – has made us less safe. It has diverted resources from an effective fight against terrorism.... It has fueled anti-Americanism, alienated us from our allies, demeaned democracy at home, weakened and divided the United Nations, and unleashed chaos and disorder in the Middle East....

This administration and its leaders (not just Rumsfeld, who once again lashes out like a petulant little boy...or, perhaps, the spoiled son of Dr. Strangelove) misled the people for partisan ends and trampled on our liberties... They looted our treasury through the skyrocketing costs of a war which has killed over 2600 American men and women.... And they now show that they will stop at nothing to insinuate that anyone who speaks out, as a true patriot is called upon to do in times of war and peace, is appeasing the enemy. No, Mr. Rumsfeld, speaking out means holding public officials accountable for their words and deeds.

You'd think Bill Clinton doesn't know the difference between getting mothers and their children off the welfare rolls and getting them out of poverty.

Virginia Senator George Allen claimed it was a "mistake" when he called
an employee of his Democratic foe a racist name. But the leader of
America's top racist group explains Allen's long and cozy history with
white supremacists.

As people in Southern Lebanon return to claim the dead and clear the
rubble from villages ravaged in the recent fighting, it is clear that
the battle for hearts and minds is being won by Hezbollah.

Unless something changes soon, New Orleans will prove to be a glimpse
of a dystopic future, a future of disaster apartheid in which the
wealthy are saved and everyone else is left behind.

As chroniclers of the secret, unexpected, below-the-radar places Americans
prepare and consume their meals, NPR's Kitchen Sisters discovered their
microphone has become a kind of stethoscope, listening to the
complicated heart of a nation.

Charles Jackson, media coordinator for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), was anxious last week as today's anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approached. The city had declared that on this day it would seize whatever homes had not yet been cleaned-up or reclaimed in order to resell and/or demolish them – without even notifying the former residents.