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Wisconsin's Recall

Defeating Walker’s divide-and-conquer strategy

As I read and listen to folks around our great state talk about what they want for Wisconsin, there are many common threads. However, Governor Walker’s closed-door government by special interests is not our idea of a democratic government. Their goal is to grab power, control the government, and grab all the money for just a few people, while selling this as a means to benefit us all. Like most of us, I want an open government where ideas to move our state forward are offered up to us for discussion so that we may all ponder them and offer our ideas to improve them to make them the best laws possible for all of us Wisconsinites. Being open to ideas is also how we will create jobs.

This June recall election will simply give us Wisconsinites the feedback on how many people have woken up enough to recognize the current agenda of tyranny that Governor Walker adopted from the out-of-state right wing. Whatever the June election results, I have complete faith that, as time moves on, more and more people in our great state will wake up to the reality behind the current political deception.

Governor Walker’s divide-and-conquer strategy has historically worked for many groups in the United States. Governor Walker and his like have negatively messaged to us the term “public employee,” who is supposed to be an enemy to all. Though this message is working for some right now, I think we Wisconsinites are smarter than the present Republican-ultra politicians give us credit for. More and more folks are realizing that a “public employee” is really the police officer, the teacher, the librarian, the firefighter, the highway worker, the human services worker, etc. These people are not our enemies, they did not create the financial mess; they are our community… our first line of help and hope. These people are our neighbors and our friends. I ask you, What kind of person would try to make them our enemies?

Richard Johnson

McFarland, WI

May 19 2012 - 8:41am