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Better research, please

Why does Joann Wypijewski rely upon 25 year-old arguments to suggest that Dylan Farrow is making up things in her head and Woody Allen is probably mostly blameless? Why does Joann dredge up the controversy over the book, “Courage to Heal” from well over two decades ago? Does Joann know that many of the proponents of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (is it a syndrome? or a catch-phrase?) were supporters of sex with children? Did her research turn up the no fewer than seventeen

studies showing that one in three girls are molested before the age of 18? One in five boys (they don’t tend to report, so the statistic is fuzzy)? What impresses me about the letter from Dylan Farrow (which, BTW, was not put forward by Nicholas Kristof as “fact” but was published under Opinion), is that she exhibits characteristics of someone suffering from incest in childhood. Memories can be altered in their details, but to invent a traumatizing memory out of whole cloth, and then find the characteristics of serious trauma present twenty-five years later, isn’t realistic according to data. Trauma has a root that is based in real experience.

I tend to believe Dylan because she exhibits the symptoms other victims of incest exhibit. There were officials at the time that had enough evidence to prosecute, but Mia Farrow declined to do it. Today, she wouldn’t have that choice. The authorities would prosecute on behalf of the child. Reading in this article that Allen was behaving in “inappropriately intense” ways underscores for me the probability that Dylan is telling a real truth, not one implanted in her head.

This article is beneath the dignity of The Nation. Better research and less slant, please. Base it on current research.

Fionna Bright


Mar 4 2014 - 12:59am

The benefit of the doubt?

I am responding to the article written on behalf of Woody Allen. Just the title made my face burn! Who wrote this, some yuppie? Or someone who hasn’t followed the news since this happened years ago? Why does it seem that people are quick to judge Mia Farrow, supposedly brainwashing her daughter? And so quick to sanctify Woody Allen. Isn’t it a fact that Dylan told her mother and her mother responded to the authorities? Didn’t she try everything in the book to keep her children safe? Are you a mother, who wrote this article? Have you been in this position? I think not! And quoting supposed professionals that think, “it may have been planted in her mind.”

I for one hope that Mia, Dylan and Ronan and family members continue to keep on doing whatever they can to bring light to this because Woody Allen thinks he can still get away with his behavior. For the most part, he can! Because there are ignorant people that refuse to recognize that he was capable and did in fact abuse Dylan as she remembers it! Also, I am ashamed of The Nation  for printing this article like no one was going to notice that hasn’t been keeping up with the news. For the people who continue to be in his movies. They want money & fame and nothing more matters, period! But it does matter!

Shame on you for writing such a shallow article. I expect more from The Nation!

Lucinda Kinsall


Feb 28 2014 - 3:55pm