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Why Most Walmart and Fast Food Workers Didn't Strike

Persevere and you can prevail

Yes, few Walmart employees are brave, and that’s always been the case. I remember at most six people picketing The New York Times to desegregate the want ads. Eventually we were more, but never over twenty-five. All movements like the Freedom Rides start out small. I’ve been to two demonstrations of fast food workers and have been overjoyed at the turnout by them and other poorly paid workers. It also helps to have supporters, non-Walmart workers to embolden the employees. Yes, it’s harder in a recession. Movements are built slowly, and it’s good you went to talk to the workers in New Jersey. The warehouse workers seem more militant and warehouses can’t be moved. Be patient and keep up the struggle.

Rosalyn Baxandall

New York City

Dec 14 2012 - 8:49am