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Healthcare reform’s real issues: Big Pharma and the insurance industry

I have now read countless articles, posts, and blogs about why the Affordable Care Act is the greatest thing to happen in healthcare in years… and why it's the worst thing to happen to this country in years and will likely bring about the apocalypse. In all of this useless hyperbole I have found not a single article in the mainstream media that talks about the real healthcare issue, that is, the complete control of our healthcare system by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.

Of course, the alternative media have been onto this for years, perhaps because they don't have the restrictions incurred by receiving billions of dollars of advertising from those corporations. The hard truth of the pharmaceutical industry is that there are no profits in cures, not when compared to expensive drug treatments that last a lifetime. The everything-requires-a-drug approach to medical treatment is the norm taught in medical schools today and is largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry. And what about political influence? Why is Dick Durbin sponsoring a bill to have the FDA (a revolving door branch of Big Pharma… just look at who runs the agency) take control of approving dietary supplements? To protect the public? When more people die each year from prescription medications than all the illegal drugs and dietary supplements combined? Ka-ching!

Then there are the insurance companies. Just talk to Wendell Potter about them and you'll realize they are the totally unnecessary middlemen that are the real cause of the rising cost of healthcare. Or visit the website of Dr. David Belk to see what drugs and medical procedures really cost. It becomes apparent rather quickly that the insurance industry is soaking us all and are largely to blame for the debt that everyone is so concerned about.

And finally, why are so many Americans so sick? Why has cancer become epidemic? And diabetes? And heart disease? A little research into what's happened to food production in this country (courtesy of ADM, Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill, et al.) will answer that question. Food processing results in a product that is as much chemicals as it is food. Our food is less nutritious, with more empty calories, than at any time in our nation's history. The food producers provide what the fast-food industry requires and so the cycle goes on. Fortunately, there is a growing trend in the country toward buying organic produce and dairy products and grass-fed beef (check the info on CAFOs, and you'll only eat grass-fed from now on).

Look, I've only scratched the surface here. I'm no journalist, but there is a mountain of information out there for someone who wants report on what the real healthcare issues are. Please, let's have no more talk of insurance bills… unless there is one that gets rid of the insurance companies.

Richard Singletary

Richardson, TX

Nov 21 2013 - 4:42pm