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Choosing to be gay? It’s not that simple.

Comparing external affiliations (being a Seventh Day Adventist, for example) with internal, innate personal qualities doesn’t buttress the argument about “choice” with regard to sexuality.

Children try out handedness until they somehow figure out which hand works best. This is a far cry from my having attended a somewhat conservative church in the past and my current state of being religiously liberal and seriously unchurched.

Sexuality is more complex and fluid than we know or admit, and we are only now beginning to realize that while for many people, there are firm (but not rigid) preferences, for many other people, there are not. Sexual expression/preference can change for some people, and how they or describe themselves in no way extrapolates to “gay is a choice.”

Karen Isaacson

Pacific Northwest

Feb 4 2014 - 8:48pm

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