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What Would You Ask Obama?

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What do you think President Obama should be asked at his next press conference?

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Ari Melber
Ari Melber
Ari Melber is The Nation's Net movement correspondent, covering politics, law, public policy and new media,...

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We are calling on Obama to start a new tradition to open up the White House: invite new and independent voices into the East Room by pledging to take a citizen-generated question at every prime-time press conference.

To put this idea into action--and give the busy White House something tangible to work with--The Nation is teaming up with a broad coalition of new and traditional media, including the Washington Times and Personal Democracy Forum, to begin gathering questions from the public. Then we'll appeal to the president to call on a journalist to ask one of the most popular citizen questions at future press conferences, as explained in this Nation magazine article, "The People's Press Conference."

Submit your questions below, in text or video format; view other people's questions and vote for the ones you think are most important.

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