Few, if any, of the towering figures of the twentieth century inspired as many people, or as many songs, as Nelson Mandela. Artists of all genres and stripes found different ways to pay tribute to Mandela, the architect of the ANC’s resistance strategy, as he served twenty-seven years in prison before emerging to lead his country into a peaceful transition to majority rule. As the world mourns the loss of Mandela, 95, here are ten of my favorites presented in tribute. Please use the comments field below to let me know what I missed. RIP.

1. Free Nelson Mandela, The Specials

2. Mandela (Bring Him Back Home), Hugh Masekela

3. Asimbonanga, Johnny Clegg

4. When You Come Back, Vusi Mahlasela

5. Nelson Mandela Song, Nomfusi & The Lucky Charms

6. Give Me Hope Joanna, Eddy Grant

7. Black President, Brenda Fassie

8. House of Exile, Lucky Dube

9. Sooner Than Later, Kent O’Shea

10. Number 46664, Bono, Joe Strummer and Dave Stewart