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Time for an Exit Strategy

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In the print edition, this feature appears as part of the "In Fact..." column.

Toward the Majority

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David Sirota
David Sirota is a journalist, nationally syndicated weekly newspaper columnist, and radio host. His weekly column is...

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Long before Sarah Palin, pop culture of the 1980s valorized “going rogue.” Americans are still paying the price.

Can a populist uprising flourish in a sector traditionally hostile to collective action?

. Democratic Representative Lynn Woolsey forced a Congressional vote on bipartisan legislation that would have asked George W. Bush to submit a plan to Congress explaining the outlines of an eventual exit strategy from Iraq. With polls showing that a majority of Americans now believe the war was not worth it, the move was designed to put lawmakers on record on the issue of bringing the troops home.

Permanent Minority

. Seventy-nine Democrats--including House minority leader Nancy Pelosi and minority whip Steny Hoyer--voted against Woolsey's legislation, helping to send it down to defeat and preventing it from being a key contrast point between Democrats and Republicans.

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