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The greatest mistake of the twentieth century

The greatest mistake of the twentieth century, acknowledged by every history-aware and learned expert, the creation of the State of Israel, a state for north European, non-Semitic, with no racial or historical connection to Palestine, Zionist Jews! Today descendants and followers of the same know-nothing empirical European imperialist fools, who believed the world as theirs to rule, separate, carve and promise to some highest lobbying bidder, and who in the Geographic Society rooms of Paris and London, while smoking their cigars, drinking their sherry with pompous arrogance and vanity, drew lines on maps of geography they knew nothing of, creating one artificial state atop the other, only thinking about the wealth received by the interested lobbyists. A hundred years later, the world and these many fool descendants and followers still continue to believe they can and will make this delusion and mistake a reality, no matter the cost in lives and wealth. Today the US and its lack of real-world diplomat/statesmen and its great fear of the Israel lobby continues on this same bloodstained path, rather than accepting and realizing and making an attempt at fixing the greatest mistake of history, continues arming to the teeth, financing and defends the criminal activity of Israel, while making more enemies for itself!

Nick G. Petros


Jul 15 2014 - 4:49pm