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The Nation has a new look to go with our rising circulation. Avenging Angels, an advertising firm that works for progressive causes and that is responsible for our "celebrity reader" subscription campaign, will be designing our covers starting with this issue. As we welcome Avenging Angels, we thank Open design studio and Scott Stowell, its head, who have created more than 200 Nation covers. The covers have won awards from the American Center for Design, the American Institute for Graphic Arts and the Society of Publication Designers, among others.

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After a year of tragedies, framed by the deaths of Eric Garner and Kalief Browder, it’s time for our leaders to discard this racist and immoral idea.

Hilary Clinton’s evolution on immigration reform is a testament to the youthful movement that erupted during the Obama era.

In accordance with his expanded role at the magazine, copy chief Roane Carey assumes the title of senior editor, dividing his time between editing and copy chief duties.

We welcome back from leave Patricia J. Williams, whose "Mad Law Professor" column resumes this week.

With the launch of our new Online Access Program, we can now offer subscribers access to the entire contents of each week's issue online at no extra cost. Every letter, column, editorial, article, essay, poem and review will be available the day after it is published. Read Nation editorials earlier and e-mail Nation articles to friends, family, foes and legislators. Go to www.thenation.com with your magazine subscription label in hand and click on the underlined word login in the upper-right-hand corner of the home page. It will take about two minutes to complete your one-time-only registration.

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