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We are pleased to announce that Maria
Margaronis and D.D. Guttenplan, who have been contributing editors to
the magazine since 1998, will serve as our London bureau. Margaronis,
a former Nation associate literary editor, was a senior editor
of the Village Voice Literary Supplement and taught for five
years at the New School for Social Research. Guttenplan, a former
senior editor at the Village Voice and staff writer at New
York Newsday
, is the author of The Holocaust on Trial, an
account of the David Irving-Deborah Lipstadt libel case, to be
published in May by Norton.

Augmenting our editorial board
is Tony Kushner, already a contributor to our pages and author of one
of the quintessential Broadway plays of the nineties, Angels in
America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes
. This two-part epic
won about every major theatrical award, including two Tonys and a
Pulitzer Prize.

Joining our masthead as a contributing
editor is Robert Dreyfuss, who has written frequently for this
journal and for Rolling Stone, Mother Jones and The
American Prospect
, with particular emphasis on campaign finance,
lobbying and money in politics.

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