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Herman Schwartz was named by Alliance for Justice as its 2006 Champion of Justice. Schwartz, a frequent contributor to our pages, was lauded for working tirelessly "to promote social justice throughout his career, from serving as a mediator in the 1971 Attica uprising to writing new constitutions for nations of the former Soviet bloc. Professor Schwartz is also an expert on the limits of electronic surveillance."

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The issues that matter most to Americans won’t be adequately explored by a coronation of Hillary Clinton.

It would lead to more killing and end the last remnants of cooperation between Washington and Moscow.

ON THE WEB: In a CUNY commencement address, Victor Navasky invites newly minted PhDs to energize the national conversation and persuade a disengaged public to return to politics. Richard Lingeman reviews Edward Sorel's Literary Lives, in which Sorel reveals all and then some about Tolstoy, Sartre, Ayn Rand, Norman Mailer and others--all in comic-strip frames.

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