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More Money, Les Moonves

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Seen, heard and observed on the picket line in Los Angeles as the Writers Guild of America strike enters its second week:

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Incessant cries for help--and money--from people running campaigns are destroying my peace of mind.

Too much enthusiasm:

Writers picketing in Che Guevara T-shirts

Too little enthusiasm:

Writers picketing with Blackberrys and cell phones

Too much fun:

Walking the line with everyone you've ever worked with

Too little fun:

Walking alone back to your car, with no work in sight.

Too literal for showbiz insiders:

"We write the story-a for Eva Longori-a!"

Too obtuse for showbiz outsiders:

"More money, Les Moonves!"

Too too:

CAA interns walking the line with chirros on serving trays


On the buxom boxing ring babe working a DAY 5 sign at the Fox Rally

Too little perspective:

"I'm really making an impact by getting cars to honk"

Too much perspective:

"I've spent more time picketing outside this lot than I'll ever spend working inside this lot"

Too much compensation:

Big movie stars

Too little compensation

: Cable TV staff writers

Too predictable:

Jesse Jackson joining strikers on the line

Too little too late

: Bill Clinton offering to negotiate

Too familiar:

Union members trying to hold onto middle class lifestyle

Too remote:

The chance of that happening

Two Days in the Valley

: Engaging filmic view of life in Los Angeles scripted by WGA member John Herzfeld

Two Coreys

: Inane episodic view of life in Los Angeles unscripted by Haim and Feldman on A&E

Two for the price of one

: Writing content for televsion and Internet "promotional" videos

Two for the price of one:

Sagehand strike forces closure of Broadway shows on Saturday, spreading the industry pain to both coasts

Too good to be true:

Rumors that the strike will end quickly

Too terrrible to imagine:

The strike lasting until Screen Actors Guild contract expires in June

To be or not to be

: Next year's pilot season


: and tomorrow and tomorrow WGA members creep in this petty pace from day to day assembling at studio gates in four hours shifts from 6 am to 2 pm

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